Technology behind Pro-Balance

All Pro-Balance knives have been tested for quality assurance to insure the best knives are brought to you.
Each knife is marked with a Pro-Balance seal, item number and blade size as well as the processes used to create the knives.

Chromium (Cr)
When Chromium is added to steel, its natural affinity for Oxygen creates a stable Oxide surface film. This protects the surface of the metal from stains, rust and corrosion. When steel is combined with 10.5% Chromium, the resultant alloy is classified as Stainless Steel. Pro-Balance kitchen knives contain more than 14% of Chromium.
Molybdenum (Mo)
Molybdenum is proven to be useful in applications that involve intense heat, including the manufacturing of aircraft parts, electrical contacts, and industrial motors. Pro-Balance knives contain molybdenum of more than 0.05%, allowing the blade to withstand extreme temperatures without significant physical changes.
Vanadium (V)
Vanadium forms stable nitrides and carbides. It can significantly increase the strength of the stainless steel. Pro-Balance knives contain up to 0.10% of vanadium, giving the blade the hardness above HRC 55.
Carbon (C)
Carbon is one of the critical materials in the making of stainless steel. Pro-Balance kitchen knives contain carbon of more than 0.45%. It can significantly enhance the strength and durability of a stainless steel blade.
Sub-Zero Treatment
The blades are heated up to 1,000°C and then cooled down by using liquid nitrogen which is under -185°C. This hardening process, also known as the Sub-Zero Treatment, can significantly enhance metal cell structures, giving the Pro-Balance knives superior strength, temperature resistance and hardness.

How to adjust the Pro-Balance Knife

1. Unscrew the
handle cap
(counter clockwise).
2. Take out plastic
3. Unscrew old
adjustment weight
(counter clockwise).
4. Screw desired
adjustment weight
5. Put back plastic
6. Screw the cap tight

For those who like holding a knife
around the heel of the blade

For those who like holding a knife
in hammer grip

by placing the weights at the front of the handle,
the center of balance will shift toward the front of the blode
by placing the weights at the end of the handle,
the center of balance will shift toward the back of the blade